Insider's Report Vol. 10 No. 30 Texans once again have the opportunity to save money when shopping for school supplies during the annual Back-to-School sales tax holiday, which will take place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, August 5-7. Texas shoppers will save an estimated $92 million in state and local sales…
Insider's Report Vol. 10 No. 29 Texans will once again have the opportunity to save energy, water, and money over the Memorial Day weekend. As a result of legislation I helped pass in 2007 and in 2015, certain Energy Star approved items, as well as certain Water-Efficient Products, will be…
Insider's Report Vol. 10 No. 28 Nominations for the 2016-2017 Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program (TASSP) have opened for next year’s class (fall 2016/spring 2017 academic year). This scholarship supports students who choose to become members of the Texas Army National Guard, the Texas Air National Guard, the Texas State…
Insider's Report Vol. 10 No. 27 As a result of legislation I supported during the most recent legislative session, Texans will be provided relief from sales tax when preparing for potential severe weather. Senate Bill 904 enacted a Sales Tax Holiday for Emergency Preparation Supplies, which will fall on the…
Insider's Report Vol. 10 No. 26 Texans have the opportunity to vote on seven proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution. I encourage you to exercise your right to vote during the upcoming Constitutional Amendment Election on November 3. You can also cast your vote during the early voting period, which…

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