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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bonnen joins Texas Water Smart Campaign to promote water conservation

Insider's Report Vol. 8, No. 17

While the recent rains have filled our roadsides and fields with the colors of spring, Texas remains in a drought that may force continued water-use restrictions. These wonderful rains have not reduced the need to conserve water, which is why I have partnered with Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples, along with a group of state and local leaders and private businesses, to launch the Texas Water Smart conservation campaign.

The result of a public-private coalition, Texas Water Smart encourages households and businesses to adopt everyday habits to curb wasteful water usage. "We have a choice to make: conserve water now or risk more job losses in the future, " Commissioner Staples said during his recent announcement. "The recent realities (of our historical drought) are both alarming and painful as drinking water was jeopardized and businesses and households were faced with scarce water resources."

The drought puts our state's economy in jeopardy. In particular, severe water restrictions would have a major impact on the nursery and landscape industry, which represents $14.6 billion of our state's economy. Brazoria County's own chemical industry has felt the strain of a dwindling water supply. And Matagorda County, which will soon join southern Brazoria County as a part of District 25, has taken a direct and crippling hit to its rice farming industry this year.

The goal of Texas Water Smart is to promote water conservation measures by employing television, radio and print ads, social media and other targeted awareness tools to show Texans easy and practical ways to conserve. The adoption of frugal water-use habits, such as checking faucets and hoses for leaks, may seem like common-sense, but all Texans can use a bold reminder that we must each do our part to conserve this precious and limited resource.

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