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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Brazosport College Fundraiser at My Expense

Insider's Report Vol. 8, No. 19

One of the greatest privileges of representing House District 25 is the ability to proudly boast the best community college in the State of Texas -- Brazosport College. I am thrilled and honored that together we were able to do even more for such a great institution this past Saturday at my 40th Birthday Roast & Toast.

When Kim insisted we do something special for my 40th birthday, I was not interested in getting older or celebrating the fact that I am "over the hill." After much deliberation, we finally decided that if we were going to do something, we should do it for a worthy cause. After leading the legislative battle this past session to restore Brazosport College's state funding, I decided raising funds for student scholarships was a great way to continue to support an institution that I am proud to have in my district.

I was pretty sure no one would put up good money to hear me speak, but I did know that a good many people would put up a lot of money to hear people talk about me, especially if the things said about me were insults and jabs. All of our roasters were exceptionally humorous, even if everything they said was a lie. Our Master of Ceremonies, Higher Education Chairman Dan Branch did an outstanding job with a continuous stream of punches. I want to thank our roasters: County Judge Joe King, Senator Glenn Hegar, Representative Allan Ritter, Representative Senfronia Thompson, Representative --and soon to be Senator -- Kelly Hancock, and last but not least House Speaker Joe Straus, for keeping up a steady flow of bald and bad driving jokes. Each of these individuals made this event a huge success.

By the end of the night, after everyone shared many laughs (at my expense) we raised $300,000 for scholarships! I am deeply honored by Dr. Millicent Valek's announcement that the funds would be used to endow the Dennis and Kim Bonnen scholarship. That is an outstanding testament to our sponsors' and your generosity and proves the commitment we share to this institution. I am pleased that I could bring in fellow members of the legislature to show them that the state funding they helped me work to restore last session was well invested at Brazosport College.

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