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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Insider's Report Vol. 8, No. 20

Everyone who was alive that day knows where they were when they heard the news. If you're like me, 9/11 brings a flood of emotions to mind. Everyone felt the sheer terror of that moment when the towers collapsed, the uncertainty, the sadness, and the anger. Nevertheless, those negative emotions are not the only aspects of that day that come to my mind.

I encourage you to look at our country since that clear blue September morning. Look at the overwhelming response to that day. It started in the skies over Pennsylvania, when brave Americans made their first stand against the terrorists. By nightfall on that first day, Americans were headed to Ground Zero and the Pentagon from all over the country to aid in the recovery and relief efforts. In the coming days and weeks, many Americans joined the armed forces, volunteered for aid organizations, quit careers to become first responders, and found many other ways to serve their communities and our great nation. Americans everywhere rallied around the flag they proudly displayed. This overwhelming response is what makes Americans and America great.

On September 11, 2001, terrorists attempted to deal a tragic blow not just to the American body, but also to the American spirit. Even in what the terrorists felt was their moment of triumph the attacks were a failure. The American spirit -- our human spirit was the triumphant champion that day. 9/11 is not simply just another day to remember a human tragedy, but a day to reflect on the resiliency of the American spirit.

My words here cannot express this deeper meaning adequately enough. I came across this powerful video of my fellow legislator, honored veteran, and 9/11 survivor, Senator Brian Birdwell. Please click on the link to the video below and watch as Senator Birdwell shares his powerful and amazing story. Reflect not only on his vivid descriptions of the disaster at the Pentagon, but of his ability to come through this trial while retaining his faith in God, his family, and his country.

It is the collective response to events like 9/11 that make America and Americans great. God bless you and God bless America.

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