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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bonnen Files Bill to Protect Students From Sex Offenders

Insider's Report Vol. 6, No. 42

As the pre-filing of bills for the upcoming 2009 session continues, I have authored House Bill 214 targeting registered sex offenders who enter school premises.

Under our current state laws, registered sex offenders are required to observe child safety zones as set forth by the court or the conditions of their release when they are under parole supervision.  However, once a sex offender's probation or parole has terminated they are not required to observe these zones, which I feel poses a risk to our children.

H.B. 214 would require these individuals, upon entering a school campus during standard operating hours, to notify a school's administrative office of their sex offender status.  It also authorizes the school to provide a chaperone to escort them on the premises.

The purpose of my bill is to continue to afford these individuals access to their children who may be students at the school without compromising the safety of the other students.  My bill does not apply to a student enrolled at the school.

H.B. 214 is just one of the ways that  I will continue working for tougher laws that protect our community's most innocent and vulnerable citizens from sexual predators.